3D Saved the Day for Mr J

8 October 2021
By – Jonathan Topliss

Mr J Pear Drink

In 2020 the pandemic hit, and sadly a lot of businesses were hit hard. The way these businesses functioned had to change overnight. The client, MrJ&Co, were a new company who were preparing to launch a new website. It was all set to go… plans for a photoshoot to capture their product photography got hit by a national lockdown. This meant production of the new bottles got paused. But the website still needed to be uploaded ‘the show must go on’. So the solution was to create a suite of 3D renders of cocktails and products, which would be used until production resumed and the photography could continue as planned.All these images you see now are computer generated. This allowed us to create a photoshoot with no product and no need to worry about social distancing or lockdown restrictions. To learn more about the whole MrJ&Co project have a read of our case study.

 “As part of our design development we created a suite of CGI images. These images proved to be incredibly valuable as the pandemic restrictions were extended and extended again. We had planned to organise a lifestyle photo-shoot, as we wanted to capture the drinks being consumed by ‘real’ people and to further amplify the brands direction. Unfortunately this could not happen in time for the website going live. But the CGI images were so impressive that we collectively decided to expand the range of images specifically for use on the website.” Ant, Account Handler – On Brand & Product

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