Get to know us.

We’re a team of creatives who believe that a focused brand has real potential to make a positive difference. This is why we love to come together with people who share our determination to create real change for people and places.

Our values that tie us together.

Teamwork inspires creativity.

We are inspired by each other. With equal voices, we approach projects collaboratively. It’s this belief, that everyone is actively involved in the creative process, that pushes us forward.

Creativity is asking questions.

We approach everything with curiosity. “That’s the way it has always been” doesn’t cut it for us. It’s only by questioning everything that we find answers that solve the problems.

Questions reveal belief.

We whole-heartedly believe that all design should be founded in the real world. It’s this belief that means we are always searching for meaning that we can craft into brands.

Belief inspires change.

We are convinced, it is real change that leads to a brighter future. But change is hard. It requires inspiration, motivation, belief even, for others to change with you. After all, belief is emotive, it’s what drives people to do the impossible.

Where we’ve come from.

Ghost was set up in 2001 with a belief that clients deserved better. Today our determination to empower brands with their own beliefs is our guiding light.

We’ve built our Burton based creative agency around a boundary pushing team of creative thinkers and doers, who are driven to find truth and meaning in every brand we work with.

Anthony Davies-Jones
Client Director
Sally Ashworth
Client Manager
David Agnew
Chris Bastock
Managing Director
Mike Sweeting
Creative Director
Jess Bastock
Creative Lead
Jonathan Topliss
Alan Rogers
Glenn Wright
Digital Developer
Zuzanna Kornacka
Digital Developer
Sarah Jenkins
Financial Manager

We’re a team of creatives who believe that our individual abilities and perspectives are amplified when we come together to create change for our clients.