This is how we empower your brand.

It always starts with your great idea. An idea you truly believe in! But, it can be hard to express to customers why your idea is so brilliant. Essentially, your communication lacks its heart and soul – and that’s where we come in.

We are brand problem solvers who know how to clarify the fuzzy and sharpen the blurry. We find clear ways to communicate your message, so that your brand brings customer belief in what you do.

We love working with people who want to discover new ways to evoke belief in their brand, to ultimately propel their business forward.

Our approach brings clarity to your brand offering.

We approach every job with the same mindset. Our aim is to always find the truth that gives your brand meaning. So that your audience can develop a deeper connection and believe in you, your product or company.

We start by delving in. We discover and define what your brand stands for. This sets the direction for everything going forward, ensuring that every aspect reflects your belief. It’s this initial thinking that ensures all design and implementation will capture the hearts and minds of your audience. Giving them a reason to believe in your brand and motivating them to become true advocates for your business.

This approach means when we collaborate with you, we clarify the fuzzy – the blurry bit that needs defining. We then harness that belief so together, we can use it to build a confident, engaging and enduring brand.

We elevate brands to inspire belief by — defining strategies, developing designs and deploying activation.

1 — Strategy

The hard work that makes your brand communication make sense. We define a direction for the project.

Brand Audit
Brand Purpose
Brand Direction
Brand Story
Tone of Voice
Brand Architecture

Strategy is all about defining why your brand exists and why your audience should care.

The first step is to get to know your brand inside out. Our job is to question everything and have open conversations that narrow down all the potential routes, into options that meet your objectives.

We love to get our insight straight from yourselves. We host Project Discovery Sessions, which allow us to find answers that couldn’t be put into words before — ultimately helping us immerse ourselves in your great idea.

Once we have gathered our research and have an understanding of your brand and project, we will define a strategic plan to meet the projects objectives. This stage concludes with a document that guides future communication, keeping it consistent with your brand.

2 — Design

Crafting designs founded in truth and meaning. We develop a presence for your brand.

Graphic Design
Motion Design
Digital Design
UX Design

Design is where we craft how your idea looks, sounds and feels. It is essential that the designs authentically express the character of your brand.

We begin by exploring visual ways to communicate with the audience. This initial exploration is then refined through a process of evaluation and testing against the strategic direction. This allows you to be confident in our design, as you will only be presented with solutions that meet the goals of your business.

This stage concludes with a document that outlines how your project is engaged with, be that visually or through any other sense.

3 — Activation

The execution, where your brand comes to life. We deploy creative that engages your audience.

Print Assets
Digital Assets
Campaign Events
3D Visuals

Activation is where your brand meets the real world. The touch-points where your audience interacts and engages with you.

Defined by the Strategy and Design stages, we create assets and implement action strategies that amplify your brand voice and help you make your change happen.

This stage concludes with delivery of final assets, that have been through a process of testing and are ready to work hard for your brand.

Our approach means that your project doesn’t stop here. We work closely with you to measure the progress of your project, to ultimately ensure your brand is an idea people believe in.

Abbe Cresswell



“I have worked with We Are Ghost for 18 months on various projects including a product launch. Their approach is very professional but so creative. The team are not only designers but think strategically about the markets that they are working with and offering a different perspective. The whole team are a pleasure to work with and their designs always deliver and exceed expectations.”

Luisa Svensson



“I have worked with Ghost for many years, and cannot recommend them enough. Their creativity, attention to detail and understanding of the full marketing circle is second to none. We have done all kinds of projects with them – product launches, websites, trade shows, photo shoots, customer range reviews, brand and digital asset creation. They always take time to fully understand your brand and the market to ensure delivery is on point.”

Lauren Bell
Cosi Care



“I have worked with We Are Ghost on my startup business Cosi Care and I absolutely loved how they improved my brand. Such a friendly team that really delve into the core of your brand values and deliver clear, high quality and impressive brand guidelines, colour schemes, look books and imagery. I am so impressed and I can’t wait to work with them again in the future.”

Gillon Barrie
CJB Care



“We are Ghost are second to none. They have designed and helped us implement a first class website giving us a strong on-line presence. They are always ready to pick up the telephone for advice and guidance and we could not recommend the team highly enough due to their efforts in helping us to deliver a marketing package that is on brand and highly effective”

We’re a team of creatives who believe that our individual abilities and perspectives are amplified when we come together to create change for our clients.

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