Artisan ceramics crafted to fill your home with moments of exquisite euphoria.

Azzo are busy reimagining luxury homeware. They believe that ceramics should fill your everyday moments with both elegant charm and joyous bliss, underpins their motivation that spurred them on to design and craft a thoughtful range of exquisitely euphoric ceramics. We were asked to develop a brand that captured what the business and products mean to their customers.

It was important for us to really ‘get’ what it was that made these products so loved by their existing customers. So, we began the branding process with sessions and focus groups to help us define the Azzo brand strategy. As this strategy developed it became evident that the brand would be inspired by the idea that ‘Azzo reimagines ceramics by bringing joyous fun and sophisticated style to everyday moments’.

We fleshed this idea out, building on the concept of the ‘yin and yang’ between joy and style, creating messaging that highlights this unusual association. “Artisan ceramics for your charmingly cheerful home.”

While the messaging portrays the brand in a curious and joyous way, the visual identity nods towards the artisan and elegance of these luxury ceramics. Taking a modern and clean approach that allows the much loved products to take centre stage.

The Azzo brand asks people to reimagine their homes, because who said sophistication can’t be fun?

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