Small Spaces

Architectural design reviews accessible for all, even small builds.

The client came to us with their idea for a new business venture; pulling together a group of experts to create an architecture design review board. Under our new name for them, ‘Small Spaces’, these experts will collectively provide design critiques on the design of smaller developments and the extensions of smaller properties. This will allow architects and home owners to examine the evidence and speed up the planning permission process.

Having an expert group of individuals focused on providing reviews for small builds, solves the current issues that the architects are facing when it comes to passing the development and build of smaller projects such as houses.

We pulled together a team to collectively build a brand personality and name the venture ‘Small Spaces’ – to highlight the accessible nature of the brand, whist clearly stating that the review board only assesses smaller buildings and not the larger developments that so many others do.

We created a flexible brand that works on a geometric grid system to represent the extensions and the adaptions of the buildings being portrayed.

Small Spaces understand that design is subjective, but also that sometimes it just needs explaining to give it context. Their passion is to give home builders access to the Design Review system. Not just to get great architecture approved and past planning, but to give the people what they want – a home for life.

Anthony Davies-Jones, Client Director

We’re a team of creatives who believe that our individual abilities and perspectives are amplified when we come together to create change for our clients.

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