Intern Diaries

21 November 2022
By – Jess Bastock

Over the summer months we had the pleasure of taking on a junior intern. While Matt was with us we had the opportunity to talk to him about his experience working with our team. It’s been great to have him in the studio, and to see him flourish. Check out his thoughts below. 

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hey! I’m Matt, I’m a student about to enter my 2nd year at university. I’m currently studying product design at Sheffield Hallam. I’ve always been massively interested in product design which led me to studying this for my degree. I also take an interest in cars and bikes; and absolutely love driving and cycling.

Why did you decide to intern at Ghost?

I felt that it would be the perfect environment to enhance my current skill set. The idea of gaining knowledge from a collective group of people who are already working within the design industry really appealed to me. I wanted to utilise my time off over the summer to enhance my skills and knowledge in this area in the hope that this would better prepare me for my 2nd year at university.

Can you tell us a bit about some of the projects that you have been working on whilst you’ve been interning here?

Because of my degree I have been heavily involved with a lot of the design projects that require the use of 3D design.

I have been working on some 3D animations for Wynns transportations, designing their transport systems which were later animated by another member of the team. During this project I gained a better understanding of how to work collaboratively and to a deadline of others.

Ghost is currently going through an office revamp so the team decided to utilise my skills by asking me to design the downstairs environment in 3D, to which they later applied graphics, to see how the new interior could potentially look. This project helped to better enhance my knowledge in Solidworks; a software already known to me because of my degree.

I have also worked on projects that have enabled me to learn other software within the Adobe packages. I have had the opportunity to learn Photoshop and Illustrator which came in useful when creating social assets for Central Dance Academy.

I have also been greatly involved with the design and hosting of the Tarquin’s Gin Events. I began by designing how the pop-up bars would look in 3D, to then creating the social and promotional assets, to finally helping on the day of the event itself.

Wow Matt it certainly sounds like you have been busy throughout your six weeks interning here! Could you tell me what a typical working week at Ghost looks like for you?

I certainly have been kept busy. Although everyday is different it starts the same… with a large coffee at my desk (Matt laughs). A typical working week is usually me collaborating on exciting projects with the Ghost team and developing my design skills.

On several occasions I have helped to run the Tarquin’s Gin pop up events, which has meant me being out of the office and travelling to different locations around the UK. For these I’ve helped set up the bar and helped with the general organisation of the event itself.

Awesome! That sounds like a pretty cool working week. Is there anything in particular that you have enjoyed whilst interning at Ghost?

I have really enjoyed being part of the team and working the Tarquin’s events; I loved having the opportunity to be customer facing for these. I have also enjoyed working alongside other creatives in an industry environment. Everybody has been really nice, and I’ve learnt a lot of new skills during my time here.  

Aw, we are glad that you have enjoyed working alongside us! You say that you have learnt some new skills can you elaborate on these?

Sure! I have learnt a lot about working in larger groups, interpreting client briefs “in the real world” as well as sticking to client deadlines. I have also learnt how to be customer facing, and how to do this confidently whilst interpreting their needs for upcoming projects. I have learnt a lot about collaborating with others and I have enjoyed being part of a team!

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