Take stock, it’s nearly summer!

10 May 2018
By – Anthony Davies-Jones


The last few months have really been hectic for all of us at Ghost. We’ve been full-on since Christmas and now can’t believe it’s the middle of May. With the sun finally shinning, I’ve had the chance to take a little stock and see what we’ve achieved so far in 2018.

We’ve been working hard for our multi-national clients; from paint brushes to baby teethers, from medical products to quality speakers; we just haven’t stopped thinking creatively. And we’ve created some all new brands for two artisan clients who wanted to elevate their products and re-brand them. All these projects and more, made the last four months feel so fast. 

Brush strokes for different folks 

In November last year we were asked to pitch for some work for a very well known brush manufacturer in the Midlands. This extremely well know manufacturer wanted to reinvigorate their brand style for specific market sectors in the UK. We won the pitch, but that was only the beginning of our process. 

The first thing we wanted to was try and understand what the companies own workforce thought of their products, the approach of their communications and the company overall. This was a revelation for the company since they had never focussed so specifically on the their own branding in this internal way. rom our session it was establish the company was much loved by its workforce and that their passion to do the right by it was as strong today as when it started over 90 years ago. 

We then took some consumer testing to gauge the products standing within this specific sector of their business. Talking in detail to professional decorators, experience DIYers and first time buyers looking for inspiration, we soon established how confusing the current market place is for brush choices. Even seasoned professionals didn’t really understand if they were buying the right type of product for the right job. In the end, everyone relied on touch and feel to assess their choice in the brush they wanted to buy. Such was the overall confusion of the packaging by all manufacturers. 

From this and more research we produced a directional report that is now influencing the designs we are now producing for this project. For now though, here’s Mike stood on a table to get that perfect shot for the brands development.

Innovation in the medical world

Our client, is one of the most prominent manufacturers of compression products for the medical industry. They produce all types of compression products, but felt a need to highlight the benefits of them as a range of products.

Each product has their own distinct feature benefits and bring all those elements together while giving it a distinctive campaign-able style and approach was the challenge. 

We first started to understand why these products work as a set and take from that their collective usp. In the end, it was summed up with words and keeping the visual style. But due to the graphic nature of what the product heals, we needed to create a suite of illustrations that looked with modern and were informative. 

This project had some interesting conundrums we had to work through and will feature in a forthcoming case study page of the our work very soon. Here’s a sneaky peek.

Coming soon!

It’s nearly summer and we’ll be very shortly putting together some new case studies of completed projects. These are exciting time at Ghost and we can’t wait to tell you all about them; in full detail. 

We’re a team of creatives who believe that our individual abilities and perspectives are amplified when we come together to create change for our clients.

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